Why a focus on building strength? 


Don’t resist resistance! The biggest issue we face as we age is the inevitable loss of muscle, which is preceded by a precipitous loss of strength. Starting at age 25, the average person is at risk of losing up to half of a pound of lean muscle tissue per year. Over the years, this can lead to a drastic loss in functional ability and could result in the promotion of a variety of significant chronic health issues.

Low intensity, steady-state activities such as jogging and cycling do very little in terms of preventing these issues and promoting a positive change. For those changes to occur, exercise must be of a certain threshold to stimulate your body into making a lasting change. Here at Smart Strength, we make use of an approach that helps you build strength & muscle in the safest, most efficient way possible.

This isn’t just for vanity: strength & muscle are the most important biomarkers of aging. As they go, so does the rest of your body. Our clients can anticipate experiencing noticeable improvements in many markers of health & aging including (but not limited to); strength, muscle mass, body fat, cardiovascular efficiency, cognitive function, blood pressure, bone density, metabolism and resistance to injury.


Put another way: since muscle and strength are the “window to longevity”, then strength training is the “fountain of youth”!