Our Mission:

Provide clients with evidence-based exercise programming that results in better health and strength for a complete life.

Our Vision:

To be a model resistance training business where gym owners and coaches from around the world come for ideas and research opportunities while making Austinites stronger with high-quality, educated instructors.

Who We Are

As coaches, we offer time-efficient, evidence-based resistance training to safely transform our clients into the strongest version of themselves.


Why We Do It

Strength is the currency by which we live our lives and we don’t realize how valuable it is until it is gone.

Core Values

These are values from which we operate at Smart Strength. Everything we do for clients, and everything we consume for continuing education, is in service of delivering in 5 key ways:

  1. Safe, Efficient, Effective: Every workout we engage in must be all of these. We are meticulous in our client’s performance (safe), we respect their time (efficient), and we are results driven (effective).
  2. Service Leadership: We not only deliver world class workouts through incredible customer service, but we lead our clients with science and stories.
  3. Continuous Improvement: We are life-long learners at Smart Strength. In addition to holding degrees in exercise, we have a robust continuing education journey for every trainer, making our trainers the gold standard in Austin.
  4. Personal Responsibility, Professionalism, and Accountability: We own our actions no matter the outcome, we always present ourselves in the best light possible at every interaction, and we hold ourselves and others to achieve beyond expectations.
  5. Operational Excellence and Efficiency: From client interaction to business processes, we continually iterate to improve results and keep the business machine performing at an exceptional level.

Experience it for yourself