You need a workout right now more than ever.
Keep strong, healthy, and on routine with virtual training during this stressful time.

Schedule your 30-minute virtual sessions with one of our trainers


Receive a personalized workout with you will go through with your trainer during the session

Train twice per week,  30 minutes per workout. No contact, no cabin fever.

Don’t shut down your workouts because the country is shut down.

Keep on routine and improve your strength training base with virtual 1-on-1 private training with Smart Strength. These workouts are different then your standard live-stream classes or generic at-home workout videos you find on the web.

Coached by educated, expert trainers with 4 year degrees in exercise science.
Proven results with thousands of clients over 14 years.
Backed by the preponderance of peer-reviewed research to get you the best results in the shortest amount of time.


Already a client of Smart Strength?

Contact your trainer directly to schedule your virtual training sessions.


New to Smart Strength?

Please schedule a Free Introductory Virtual 1-on-1 Session online here.

How it Will Work:

  • You will reach out to your trainer or contact us to schedule your FREE introductory session.
  • The trainer you are working with will confirm whether you prefer Apple FaceTime or Zoom Meetings for your session.
  • If you prefer Zoom and you’ll be using your computer or tablet, go to the app store and download it for your device. Otherwise we’ll text you a link for your computer.
  • If you are using a phone:  a mini tripod like this is extremely helpful for setting up and moving around during training.
  • All you need is your smartphone/tablet/or computer with a camera. The trainer needs to be able to see you (simply, prop the phone 8-15 feet away from you). Check our instructional video here on the best way to set up your phone/camera for the virtual session.

The Workout:

  • From there, the trainer will coach you through a supervised, full-body workout. They will document your entire workout to track progress and give feedback.
  • Whether you have no equipment, a few pieces at home, or a full home gym, we will make sure you will get an incredible workout.

We Recommend: (Optional)

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