Skyler Tanner, MS

Exercise Physiologist, President and Co-founder of Smart Strength
Master of Science in Exercise Science from Texas State University


  • ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • Functional Movement Screen Level 1


Selected Presentations

“I’m an exercise physiologist with more than 18 years of one on one training experience. My experience training clients as young as 10 and as old as 94 gives a unique perspective – one that helps my clients improve health, function, and longevity with minimal time investment. I believe that you shouldn’t risk getting hurt to get healthy, that you should have all the strength you need for anything you want to do in life, and that, if you do it right, you’ll enjoy robust vitality until the day you die.

I hold a Master of Science in Exercise Science from Texas State University. I’ve  lectured at the Ancestral Health Symposium in 2011 at the University of California Los Angeles, and in 2014 at the University of California Berkeley, both industry leading events at the intersection of evolutionary medicine and healthcare. My work has also been featured on Fox and on the Prevention Magazine media network. In addition to my one on one training work, I am also a lecturer with World Instructor Training Schools, who provide personal training certifications through more than 100 universities worldwide.”

Edwin Guardarrama, B.S.

Personal Trainer at Smart Strength Austin

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Brooklyn College 


Edwin is a strength and conditioning coach and has been working in the fitness industry for 12 years. He has worked with a variety of individuals ranging from track and field athletes to your every day person just looking to be more fit. His experiences have taught him how to approach a person’s fitness goals with empathy and precision. He truly believes in everyone’s potential to reach any and all fitness goals they set for themselves. His training philosophy is straight forward- Train Smart. Train Hard. Train Diligently.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Brooklyn College. He is an avid reader of exercise science and nutrition science as well as a multitude of other topics ranging from political science to poodle training tips. His personal goals are to earn his ACSM Exercise Physiologist Certification and to participate in a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournament by the end of 2019. His personal message is “I can’t wait to help everyone reach their goals. Let’s get after it!”.