“I have known Skyler for many years and have followed his career from the time he became the youngest SuperSlow certified trainer in the country at age 16. Skyler has always been a gifted trainer, but he did not rest on his intrinsic talents. Instead, he sought out the rigor of a graduate degree in exercise science and became a renowned writer and lecturer in the field of exercise science. All the way through, Skyler stayed “in the trenches” training clients on a daily basis. This makes Skyler one of the most experienced and most educated trainers on the planet. Skyler’s next progression is the opening of his own Facility where he can apply all that he has learned. There will literally be no better place to train on the planet. Yet another reason to live in Austin, Texas!”

Doug McGuff MD

Author of best-selling books "Body by Science" and "The Primal Prescription"

“As a competitive cyclist for the past 25 years I know cyclists get excited about anything that improves performance. One area often overlooked by cyclists is full body strength and conditioning.  By strengthening the entire body a cyclist creates a stronger platform to get the most out of on-bike training. 

It’s for this reason I highly recommend Smart Strength and Skyler Tanner.  Skyler is a recognized expert in the strength training world and his depth of experience will guide you to maximize your strength both on and off the bike — and in a manner that will safeguard your body against injuries. The simple fact is strength training DOES work for cyclists and Smart Strength is the best facility to incorporate this training in Austin!”

Patrick Diver

Former FL Pro I/II State Criterium Champion

“I am a busy full-time lawyer and mom.  Thirty minutes a week with Skyler leaves me exhausted and sometimes shaking, but stronger every time.  I have trained with Skyler for two years.  Lifting weights with him has made me a better tennis player, a much better yogi (head stands, y’all!), and a very strong equestrian.  Now I never need help putting my suitcase in the overhead bin!  Plus, Skyler always has a thoughtful, data-based response to my many questions about diet and exercise best practices.”

KC Waldron

Austin, TX

“For the past few years, lower back/hip pain and issues with my Achilles tendon have plagued me. Over time, the pain went from inconvenience to significantly impacting my life without the aid of OTC pain medication to get through the day. If I rolled over on my side during the night, the pain would wake me up, and I was never sure when I got out of bed in the mornings whether or not I’d be able to stand up. Even something as simple as picking up pet bowls could hurt. I was constantly aware that certain simple movements might cause me to have pain – sometimes lasting for days. I’m happy to report that after working with Skyler at Smart Strength for a little over a year, ALL of those issues are either gone completely or very much diminished. I was skeptical that 30 minutes once a week would be effective, but it definitely is. I feel stronger than I’ve felt in years, and my regular intake of OTC pain medication has ended.”

Karen Blair

Austin, TX

“Skyler has been helping me build strength for nearly 10 years.  I fly a lot, and even at age 72 I don’t need help lifting my carry-on bag — the biggest one allowed — into the overhead bin, even when I’m sick or exhausted.  Up it goes!  I also have the stamina to work all day at my standing desk. Skyler has also helped me maintain good posture, despite spending a good part of each day using a keyboard and peering at a monitor.  I hope to continue working out with Skyler for a couple more decades.”

Cynthia Beath

Professor at University of Texas at Austin

I have only been a client of Skyler’s for about 6 months, but not only have I seen changes in my well being already, I have had comments from other people. They comment on my posture and increased walking ability. (I have had MS for 14 years).

I was concerned at first that I would not have the ability to increase my strength due to the weakness I experience form having MS. Just the opposite is true, however. I have gained mobility and strength that I thought was lost forever.

Thanks Skyler for having the patience and faith in my ability to improve my condition.

Cindy Young

“Skyler is not only a wealth of knowledge, but he’s also an incredible motivator. I’m stronger now than I ever thought I could be. My husband, who hardly notices much, has even commented on my more prominently defined shoulders and back muscles. Thank you, Skyler!”

Leah Alberti

Current Training Client

The environment at smart strength is inviting and educating. I learned a great deal about exercise science while I was there had a great time working out. Edwin is a great guy to work with, flexible and easygoing. All in all, a great experience.

Andres Richa

My original reason to join Smart Strength was to “bone up” and move from osteoporosis to a healthier bone mass. In less than a year my bone mass moved from osteoporosis to osteopenia! I go once a week and changed little else (added an occasional tablet of magnesium/calcium/D3 for good measure.) This is huge for me and I’m so grateful!!! –

Susie Higley

“If your goal is to not only survive, but thrive, in a training program, you won’t find a better educated or experienced individual than Skyler. I highly recommend him.”

Dallas Hartwig

MS, PT, New York Times best-selling author of It Starts With Food and The Whole 30

“I am an orthopedic Physical Therapist with 35 years of experience in rehabilitating patients with musculoskeletal trauma or post-operative conditions that require them to regain motion, motor control, strength and proprioception.  I have lifted weights since I was 16 years old, I am now 56, and have used a variety of techniques and approaches over the years always looking for the “holy grail”.  I originally had  an interest in the Super Slow movement, read all of their manuals, became even more interested after Doug McGuff M.D.’s book, “Body By Science” and began experimenting with this workout strategy 2 years ago.  I decided to consult with Skyler after reading his blogs and watching his videos on “youtube” in order to see if I was on track, or what changes I might make to further my workout productivity and efficiency.  I didn’t really know what to expect or exactly what I was looking for.  I met with Skyler on a Saturday morning at 9 a.m. and for the next hour was blown away with his extensive knowledge of exercise and movement physiology as well as his ability, in a short period of time, to hone in on techniques that might help me move my workouts further along, faster.  His instructions were clear, concise and easily implemented in my routines.
I am at a point in my life where time is precious and I want and need to get the most out of my workout efforts…time with Skyler was definitely time well spent.”

Brad Thorne

Physical Therapist, Round Rock Rehab

“I’m a challenging case -ectomorph, hard gainer, not athletically gifted. I have spent thousands of dollars on trainers and have tried various exercise/nutritional programs. In my experience, trainers are well-meaning but not science-based at best, and dishonest just to make a sale at worst. With a buyer beware attitude I found out about Skyler. With him I never felt like I was being sold anything -no flashy promises and guarantees, just straightforward, honest advice based on his wealth of expertise. I don’t have the science background that he does, but he explains things in a way that everyone can understand. He is grounded in an evidence/science-based approach, but doesn’t just slavishly follow the latest studies; he draws from his professional experience and incorporates his own critical thinking and educated guesses. I appreciate his honesty and humility, he doesn’t pretend to have all the answers. And the proof is in the results: after a brief consultation with Skyler I experienced significant gains that I thought were unattainable. I have sought out his advice from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I will continue to do so for a long time, I just wish I could find a trainer like him in my own city!”


Ontario, Canada

“I started working with Skyler about 12 years ago trying to avoid surgery for a deteriorating spine. Together, we managed to strengthen my core enough to postpone the surgery for 5 years. After finally losing that battle, Skyler helped me build up enough bone mass in my spine to sustain the surgery. After the initial recovery period, Skyler worked with me post physical therapy to continue my recovery. He helped me recover my overall muscular strength as well as working to help retrain the neuromuscular system to function properly after surgical ‘rerouting’. He was always extremely careful to add no sheer forces or excessive compression on my spine. Amazingly, I continue to make muscular and neurological gains after 7 years. Skyler has a client for life!”

Paula Aaronson

12-year Client

I have had the pleasure of being both a client and a colleague.  It was through being a client that I was able to see Skyler’s extreme depth of knowledge and his constant desire to learn more.  He is both a perennial student and a perpetual teacher.  He not only coaches, he teaches his clients about their bodies, sharing usable, functional information about anatomy and physiology and the impact of training techniques on the musculoskeletal system and metabolism.  I trust Skyler with my own clients and have sent many with special needs specifically to him:  my own elderly mother, a client with multiple sclerosis and others who simply need to better understand and appreciate how their bodies work.  His coaching style is a perfect follow-up to physical therapy where the continued building of overall strength is needed.  His work is of value to everyone for whom a lifestyle of fitness and well-being is desired.”

Gayla Harris


“I have been training with Skyler for over 10 years. We started working together after I had my third back surgery and was determined to not have another. His training was directed to my needs and limitations and I have been continually satisfied with the results. The evidence of the effectiveness of our once a week workouts was made clear three years ago when I had colon surgery and was hospitalized for nine days. It was a much longer stay than predicted and regardless of my weakened condition I was capable of getting up out of bed unassisted every day. The results of all that training became clear and I felt a little stronger just being able to do this simple task. Skyler is certainly well informed and his equipment is top notch. But the reason I have continued with him is because he is so good at paying attention to me and my progress. As my needs and abilities change he adjusts my program and we work towards making me more ready for whatever physical challenges are ahead.”

Denny McCoy

As a lifelong exerciser and runner, I was truly skeptical that my overall fitness could improve with only two short sessions per week. But less than one year in, I am so much stronger and leaner that I don’t even do those other exercises anymore, without the wear and tear of (ineffective) repetition. Skyler accomplished this despite my recent bout with frozen shoulder, carefully strengthening the surrounding muscles and making me adhere to proper form to avoid such injuries in the first place. Highly recommend Smart Strength! (Optional: Bonus: if you like bad Dad jokes ….)

Christine Santucci