Smart Strength is a one-on-one personal training studio in Austin located in the Westlake Hills area. Since opening in 2016, we have experienced exponential growth every year and we are now looking to expand our team. We expect our company to continue to grow and have an exciting vision to improve strength and quality of life for our clients.

A few elements that contribute to a sustainable personal training career at Smart Strength:

  • Constant learning and professional development.
  • Internal “Core Growth Plan” that provides the framework for how a trainer moves toward mastery and continually increases compensation.
  • Working with colleagues who are like-minded, team-first, and are aligned around the same goal. We constantly inspire excellence from one another.

At Smart Strength Austin, we have a tight-knit, talented, and, hard-working team who care about our clients, practice and teach proper exercise, and aim to learn, grow and inspire every day.

FAQs of Potential Coaches

Does the personal trainer acquire and sell their own clients??
No. Personal trainers at Smart strength are not responsible for acquiring or selling their own clients.

Personal Trainers do not have their own clients at all. When someone new starts, they become a client of Smart Strength, not of one individual personal trainer. This allows the client to flexibility in scheduling their appointments independent of the trainer’s schedule.  This is ultimately a win-win for both trainer and client.

What qualifications are required?
  • A 4-year degree in Exercise Science or related field OR a 2-year physical therapy assistant degree
  • Alignment and commitment to the Smart Strength Mission and Core Values.
  • A passion for strength training and the desire to help build the most efficient, safe, and effective one-on-one personal training service in the Austin area.
What type of training methodology does Smart Strength utilize?

Strength training is the only exercise modality administered at Smart Strength. Using an evidence-based approach to strength training combined with our unique background in exercise physiology, strength, and conditioning, clinical cardiac rehabilitation training, we have evolved our strength-training protocol to achieve optimal health and fitness. Our extensive on-boarding and continual education process ensures that all trainers understand and adhere to this evidence-based approach.  Smart Strength does not fall prey to fads or hype.


We are looking for individuals that want to safely transform our clients into the strongest version of themselves. We believe that strength is the currency by which we live our lives and we don’t realize how valuable it is until it is gone. We are looking for coaches that feel the same and share the core values that we do:

  1. Every workout must be safe, efficient, and effective.
  2. We strive for service leadership, to deliver world class workouts through incredible customer service. 
  3. We are life-long learners at Smart Strength working towards continuous improvement.
  4. Always exercise personal responsibility, professionalism, and accountability:
  5. We strive for operational excellence and efficiency: 


Want to join the Smart Strength Team? Complete the form below and someone from our team will contact you with more information. You will be asked to provide a résumé and cover letter prior to any interviews being scheduled.

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