A workout as smart as you are.
Build strength, for life.

The Smartest Workout You’ll Ever Do

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste any more of it on a workout than necessary. Smart Strength’s evidence-based resistance training protocol delivers an exercise routine that is efficient, safe, and effective with no time wasted.


A Workout Designed Around You.

You know your goals as well as your challenges and limitations. We work with you to design a customized program of evidence-based resistance training to ensure results you can see and progress you can track.

Efficient 30-Minute Sessions

Measurable Results

Educated, Expert Trainers

Evidence-Based Programming

The Perfect Workout For You


Work with an expert trainer that has designed a custom training program JUST FOR YOU


You will accomplish more than you ever thought possible in a 30-minute session.


You will be able to see measurable improvements in just 2 sessions per week with our evidence-based resistance training methods.


We prioritize your safety. You shouldn’t get hurt working out.

Ready For the Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health?

“Skyler is not only a wealth of knowledge, but he’s also an incredible motivator. I’m stronger now than I ever thought I could be. My husband, who hardly notices much, has even commented on my more prominently defined shoulders and back muscles. Thank you, Skyler!”

Leah Alberti
Current Training Client

My original reason to join Smart Strength was to “bone up” and move from osteoporosis to a healthier bone mass. In less than a year my bone mass moved from osteoporosis to osteopenia! I go once a week and changed little else (added an occasional tablet of magnesium/calcium/D3 for good measure.) This is huge for me and I’m so grateful!!! –

Susie Higley
Current Training Client

Skyler worked with me post physical therapy to continue my recovery. He helped me recover my overall muscular strength as well as working to help retrain the neuromuscular system to function properly after surgical ‘rerouting’. He was always extremely careful to add no sheer forces or excessive compression on my spine. Amazingly, I continue to make muscular and neurological gains after 7 years. Skyler has a client for life!”

Paula Aaronson
12-Year Client

“If your goal is to not only survive, but thrive, in a training program, you won’t find a better educated or experienced individual than Skyler. I highly recommend him.”

Dallas Hartwig
MS, PT, New York Times best-selling author of It Starts With Food and The Whole 30

“I have been training with Skyler for over 10 years. Skyler is certainly well informed and his equipment is top notch. But the reason I have continued with him is because he is so good at paying attention to me and my progress. As my needs and abilities change he adjusts my program and we work towards making me more ready for whatever physical challenges are ahead.”

Denny McCoy
 10-Year Training

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BIG gains from minimalist running routine

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