I recently had a consultation with a client who started with the following statement: “I looked you up 10 years ago, knew I needed to start, but I haven’t until now.”

The first thing to notice is that I’ve been here 10 years (12 to be exact)! Most fitness companies are gone in 6 months, with few surviving more than 3 years. The second thing to notice is that this client did eventually take the first step, but let’s look at what they’re up against.

We lose an average of ½ a pound of lean muscle per year due to a sedentary lifestyle. This means that we’re giving up our most useful, protective, life-promoting tissue, often for body fat. This becomes even more important as we age since muscle is not only the motor of youth but also protects against fractures due to falls.

Should this client be upset that they didn’t start sooner? Certainly, it would have been helpful, but studies have shown that resistance training can increase lean muscle in trainees as old as 92! 

In the above image, you can clearly see that the MRI image shows an increase in lean tissue (fat mass would be white and around the edge, like a roast). Would you believe this trainee made these gains in only 12 weeks?

You can make up for lost time. We’ve been helping people add strength and vitality with safe and effective resistance training for 12 years now. Why not check us out?