As a competitive cyclist for the past 25 years, I know cyclists get excited about anything that improves performance. We’ll spend thousands of dollars on equipment, power meters and even coaching with the hope to increase our watts at threshold or save a handful of seconds in a time trial.

For a competitive Masters-level cyclist, the drive for “marginal gains” becomes a race to not only achieve higher performance — but also slow down the inevitable effects of age.

One area often overlooked by cyclists is full body strength and conditioning.  Riders spend an inordinate amount of time on their bikes, but often neglect specialized gym work that can lead to significant improvements in performance.

By strengthening the entire body a cyclist creates a stronger platform to get the most out of on-bike training.  Strengthening muscle, tendon, and connective tissues also go a long way to help avoid the scourge of masters-level riding — overuse injuries.

The challenge many riders face is knowing how to best incorporate strength training with their on-bike training.  They may do too much or not enough…or they may even injure themselves. 

It’s for this reason I highly recommend Smart Strength and Skyler Tanner.  Skyler is a recognized expert in the strength training world and his depth of experience will guide you to maximize your strength both on and off the bike — and in a manner that will safeguard your body against injuries.

For the past 15 years, I have been utilizing similar strength training techniques with cyclists in Florida.  The results?  Between a colleague and I we have helped cyclists to over 60 state cycling championships and countless other podiums.

The simple fact is strength training DOES work for cyclists and Smart Strength is the best facility to incorporate this training in Austin!


Patrick Diver
Owner, Strength Clinic Orlando
Former FL Pro I/II State Criterium Champion