If you’ve browsed our testimonials page, you’ll find Cindy’s first testimonial for our service. There’s even more good news: she’s just had a 1 year follow up with her endocrinologist and neurologist and they’re BLOWN AWAY.

First, the bone mineral density improvements:

For clarity: in the first image you can see her gross bone mineral density improvements, while the second shows the reduction in her FRAX score. The FRAX is a 10-year determination of hip fracture risk taking into account the patient’s risk factor profile. Lower is better.

She now has normal bone mineral density in 3 of the 4 measured vertebrae, and her femur is now nearly back to normal. This isn’t supposed to happen to a 60 year old woman, let alone one who has battled MS for 20 years.

On top of that, Cindy sent over what she was told at her neurologist’s office:

I saw Dr. Westgate’s nurse, who performed the usual neuro strength tests on me.

After she finished she kept looking at my chart to compare with the last time these tests were done. Then back at the scores she just recorded.
Then she looked at me and said,
What have you been doing?! Your improvement is remarkable!
She looked at me like she’d never seen this happen before. I guess most MS people decline, not improve.
I told her, diet changes, yoga and Smart Strength.
I didn’t even get the chance to tell her what happened to my DEXA scores!
Hard work, consistency, and willingness to go outside of one’s comfort zone…these are the traits that lead to lasting results in anything. We’re so fortunate to be working with Cindy!