Smart Strength Policies and Procedures

Thanks again for joining Smart Strength! We can’t wait to help you build strength, for life!

Before we meet, we wanted to inform you of our cancellation policy, parking, and other odds and ends.

1. Cancellations

If you should find yourself needing to cancel, please give 24 hours notice to avoid being charged for a late cancel. We get that some things come up, so if you have to late cancel, we’ll try to find a time to reschedule you. However, there may not be time available and you will still be charged for the session that you late cancelled if we cannot otherwise find an available appointment!

2. Parking & Entry

In addition to the 2 designated parking spots located on the front side of our space, you are also free to park in the lot behind our space, as accessed from Westwood Terrace Dr. When entering the facility, please come around to the back of the building, on the side away from the designated parking spaces. Since clients are training back to back, this lets you enter directly into the waiting area or to use the bathroom without walking through another training session.

3. Contact

Since I’m training clients back to back, I only check email once or twice per day. If you need to contact me ASAP, I’m text or call friendly at 512-507-8188. I’ll get back to you on the half hour.

4. Body Composition Testing

A few clients have asked about the availability of body composition testing. I have a few in-house ways to track this over time, but if you want the most accurate assessment, you can get a DEXA Scan at the Fitness Institute at the University of Texas’ Exercise Science division. I’ve worked out a discount for my clients (and receive no kick-back). They’re doing great work!

Reach out to Phil at Tell him Skyler Tanner sent you!