6-Month Nutrition Education Course

Introducing Smart Nutrition

A 6-month nutrition re-education course that rebuilds your eating habits from the ground up, one small habit at a time. At the end, you’ll know how to eat, no matter the food available. You’ll steadily improve body composition and never have to diet again!

  • Content is dripped to you day by day, just check your inbox and you’ll be on your way.
  • Habits build on themselves over time, so you’ll be ready to succeed!
  • Built on habit change & health education research.
  • Private Facebook group means you get fast answers to questions.
Does this happen to you...?
If you’re like most Americans, this is how you respond to an unhappy number on the scale or a depressing size of pant:
  1. Panic, run to the internet and find the latest fad diet to follow with the goal of losing X pounds in Y weeks.
  2. Start in earnest, focusing all of your time and energy on staying on the diet.
  3. Lose a little weight, start to feel healthier.
  4. The cravings start and, in a moment of weakness, have a cookie.
  5. Feel SO guilty and worthless from having a single cookie that you eat the entire bag.
  6. Stop dieting because you think you’ve undone all of your progress, thus regain all of the weight you’ve lost and then some.
  7. Repeat in 6 to 12 months, not having learned anything from the last diet.
What if you could do this...
  1. Start by taking small steps, facilitated by daily lessons, toward improved habits.
  2. Increase the difficulty of the habits gradually to ensure you can do them in the real world with real circumstances and stressors.
  3. Learn along the way how your body actually responds to food and which foods are best for you.
  4. Never have to diet again because you know how to eat for optimal health and fitness.

Sounds pretty good, right? That’s what we’ve done with Smart Nutrition.

Smart Nutrition focuses on 2 things:

  1. Building a toolbox of habits that you can use no matter your dietary circumstances, and…
  2. Helping you vet your own “perfect diet” by sifting through popular diet trends to find the most valuable pieces from each for you.

How does Smart Nutrition work?

  • Focusing on one habit at a time
  • Building new habits on old habits so they are manageable
  • Staying process-oriented with daily lessons and actions

One of the big things that make us different is that we’re focused on changing behavior for the long-term in a process-driven fashion. Research has demonstrated that, in order to change behavior in the long term, only three things will work:

  • Have an epiphany
  • Change your environment (that which is around you)
  • Take small baby steps

While option A is highly impractical unless you’re a wizard, options B and C are practical. And they can lead to lasting change if you follow the right program.


Smart Nutrition is that program.

Spaces are limited

Unlike mass-produced nutrition coaching programs that allow for up to a 300:1 member:coach ratio, the Smart Nutrition is strict about keeping groups small enough for everybody to get the personal attention they deserve. I draw the line at 20 members total per group, as I am also exceptionally busy with my training facility. I cannot handle more than 20 members per cohort without diluting the service. That’s not fair to anyone involved.

Curious to learn more about the program?
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