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Smart Nutrition
A 6-month nutrition education course that teaches users a habit-based approach to eating so that, when completed, they never have to "go on a diet" again!
Module 1 Lesson 1 - Welcome & First habit
The first habit for new students, along with FAQs and concepts to help them succeed in the course.
Unit 1 How We Coach and Why
Unit 2 New Habit: Take Fish Oil and A Probiotic Daily
Unit 3 Probiotics: our beneficial belly bugs
Unit 4 How to Measure
Unit 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Nutrition
Unit 6 Science Saturday
Unit 7 What To Expect From Smart Nutrition
Unit 8 And Now, For Something Completely Different
Unit 9 Keep It On (Your) Level
Unit 10 Health Education in Practice
Unit 11 The Zen of Smart Nutrition
Unit 12 Science Saturday
Module 2 Lesson 2 - Slow down your eating!
We start our journey in building new habits by s-l-o-w-i-n-g down!
Unit 1 New Habit: Eat Slowly
Unit 2 Why You Need To Slow Down
Unit 3 How to GAIN weight as quickly as possible
Unit 4 Total Speed Freaks
Unit 5 One. Single. Almond.
Unit 6 On Alcohol and Longevity
Unit 7 Who Are You?
Unit 8 The "5 Whys"
Unit 9 Outcomes vs. Behaviors - What Really Works
Unit 10 When doing leads to more doing
Unit 11 Are We There Yet?
Unit 12 It's been how long?!
Module 3 Lesson 3 - Stop eating when you're Eighty Percent full
The third habit in Smart Nutrition
Unit 1 New Habit: Stop eating when you're 80% Full
Unit 2 The H(a)ng(ry) Games
Unit 3 Are you really hungry? Really?
Unit 4 Observational Learning
Unit 5 A Short Review
Unit 6 All About Hunger
Unit 7 Sometimes it *will* be uncomfortable
Unit 8 Don't Call The Police: Hunger is NOT an Emergency
Unit 9 The Marshmallow Test
Unit 10 No Decision Exists in a Vacuum
Unit 11 Today's Survey: How Are You Doing?
Unit 12 Hara Hachi Bu
Module 4 Lesson 4 - Add Lean Protein to Every Meal
Adding lean protein for better digestion and satiety.
Unit 1 New Habit: Eat Lean Protein With Each Meal
Unit 2 Protein Portions Without Weighing
Unit 3 Can You Get Protein From Plants?
Unit 4 Our Thinking Has Limits
Unit 5 Review
Unit 6 On Dairy
Unit 7 So what's going on around you?
Unit 8 When Slowing Down is Not an Option
Unit 9 Kitchen Makeover
Unit 10 Shopping Day
Unit 11 Review and Theory Lesson
Unit 12 The real problem with not getting enough protein & not training
Module 5 Habit 5 - Eat at least 5 servings of vegetables
The 5th habit in the Smart Nutrition course
Unit 1 New Habit: Eat At Least Five Servings of Vegetables
Unit 2 Addition, not Subtraction
Unit 3 Compost Slam Dunk
Unit 4 Green Supplements
Unit 5 Weekly Review and Ritual
Unit 6 "Veggie-Tales" and Other Misadventures in Produce
Unit 7 Veggie Travels
Unit 8 What's for Breakfast?
Unit 9 Further Viewing
Unit 10 Expectation Adjustment
Unit 11 Today's Survey: How Are You Doing?
Unit 12 The Alameda Study
Module 6 Habit 6 - Make Smarter Carb Choices
Carbs aren't BAD; let's just learn to make better choices!
Unit 1 New Habit: Make Smarter Carb Choices
Unit 2 The Carb Continuum
Unit 3 The Fab Five of Smart Carbs
Unit 4 Step-it-up (or step-it-down)
Unit 5 Weekly Review
Unit 6 The Magic of Zero
Unit 7 The Food Spectrum Experiment
Unit 8 How's that fit you're pitching?
Unit 9 Consistency, Consistency, Consistency
Unit 10 Watch yourself watching yourself
Unit 11 Weekly Review
Unit 12 Something is far better than long as it supports your goals
Module 7 Midterm
We relax for a week and reflect on where we've been thus far.
Unit 1 Taking off the training wheels
Unit 2 Play Time
Unit 3 Eat What You Want Day
Unit 4 Gut Check
Module 8 Habit 7 - Record What You Eat
Recording your food, for just a little while, can help you make better informed decisions even when you're NOT recording.
Unit 1 New Habit: Record What You Eat
Unit 2 Why Keep A Food Journal?
Unit 3 There is no failure, only feedback
Unit 4 Other Things To Track In Your Food Journal
Unit 5 Recap for the Week
Unit 6 The Limits Of Food Journaling
Unit 7 Consistency Before Complaints
Unit 8 What To Look For In Your Food Journal
Unit 9 Food and Allergens
Unit 10 Self Evaluation...Evaluation
Unit 11 Weekly Review
Unit 12 We're going to talk about heroin.
Module 9 Habit 8 - Drink only calorie-free beverages
Water, coffee, tea...and not much else!
Unit 1 New Habit: Drink Only Calorie-Free Beverages
Unit 2 Calorie-Free Is the Way To Be
Unit 3 Tea or Coffee
Unit 4 How Much Should You Drink?
Unit 5 Recap of the Week
Unit 6 How To Exercise While Traveling
Unit 7 DAIJ+A Process
Unit 8 “You Can Do Anything You Want.”
Unit 9 Awareness is Everything
Unit 10 Social Cognitive Theory: Self-Reaction
Unit 11 Weekly Review
Unit 12 Science Saturday: Agents of Recovery
Module 10 Habit 9 - Eat Protein & Veggies with every meal
Continuing on the path to whole food nutrition!
Unit 1 New Habit: Protein & Veggies At Each Meal
Unit 2 Cooking = Variety
Unit 3 Nuts: The protein that's actually fat
Unit 4 Plant-Based Day
Unit 5 To Every Veggie There Is A Season
Unit 6 Recap of the Week
Unit 7 The Same but Different
Unit 8 The Paleo Prescription
Unit 9 It's an Urban Jungle out there
Unit 10 The “Ancestral Diet” Day
Unit 11 Swinging from the canopy
Unit 12 Recap for the week
Module 11 Habit 10 - Practice 800.000000ull
Revisiting an essential habit as we explore new ways of eating.
Unit 1 New Habit: Practice 80% Full
Unit 2 The Discomfort Zone
Unit 3 Superfood!
Unit 4 No Fat Day
Unit 5 Got a post-workout hankering??
Unit 6 Recap for the Week
Unit 7 The Hunger
Unit 8 Cravings and our reward circuitry
Unit 9 Less Doing
Unit 10 Fasting Day
Unit 11 Recap of the Week
Unit 12 The Mediterranean Diet isn't a “diet” at all
Module 12 Habit 11 - Eat Only Whole Foods
The last habit of our adventure!
Unit 1 New Habit: Eat only Whole Foods
Unit 2 What Counts as a Whole Food?
Unit 3 Why Are Whole Foods Good?
Unit 4 How Healthy are "Health" Foods?
Unit 5 Old School Whole Foods
Unit 6 Recap for the Week
Unit 7 Changing of the seasons
Unit 8 Highs and Lows
Unit 9 Life is a fickle mistress
Unit 10 Building the support network
Unit 11 Support Network Appreciation Day
Unit 12 Today's Survey: How Are You Doing?
Module 13 Final Habit
A wrap up of the Smart Nutrition Course
Unit 1 The Total Recap
Unit 2 Theory Review
Unit 3 Diet Review & Progress Reminder
Unit 4 Just a Thank You
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