I’ve been getting a lot of requests from clients who go away for the summer for a workout they can do with minimal equipment. I have just the solution for you!

Key points:

  • Always move slowly! I instruct clients to try to move as slowly as possible without stopping, jerking, or heaving. There is no “perfect” speed; you’re always evaluating your movement speed, asking if you’re capable of moving slower.
  • For the static holds, have a training partner time your effort, with the intent of increasing how long you can hold over time.
  • BREATH! Imagine you have a broken jaw, keeping your mouth slack and free to move a lot of air.

One more thing: this is a “complete” workout in that you have the chance to activate the vast majority of your muscles during work. Could you do this the rest of your life? Maybe. However, think of this as the chance to maintain your good habits rather than do the EXACT workout you’ve been doing while on vacation. Remember: vacation is a chance to rejuvenate mind and body, so that when you come back to your normal routines, you have extra focus and intensity!